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Combining my Infinity career with being a pilot for a major airline gives me a unique perspective on international financial planning

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I started my career in financial services straight out of university and went to work in London’s prestigious Square Mile. I moved out to South Eas...

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Financial management, compliance, regulation, human resources, risk management - it keeps me busy!

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Provides highly personalised financial planning & award-winning investment solutions that produce results for my clients across Asia.

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I work to ensure a legacy goes where intended

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Financial planning is not just about planning to meet future needs, but also about making provision in case the unexpected should happen.

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Duncan was born and raised in Manchester, England. He has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry and is a Compliance Officer b...

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I provide financial planning solutions to the expatriate community in Phnom Penh

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Financial planning is not limited to a single piece of advice, but rather a long term relationship to help clients meet their changing financial needs

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As well as advising my own clients, I run Infinity's Cambodia office - that’s quite a lot so I do literally run!

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I specialise in financial solutions for the LGBT community in Hong Kong and beyond

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In addition to helping my clients with general financial planning, I am a pension specialist for British nationals and also provide corporations wi...

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I work with the expatriate community, helping them maximise the benefits of working and living offshore.

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I take pride in educating expats here in Kuala Lumpur with the financial advantages of being an expat, thoroughly explaining the steps required to ...

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Transforming the financial services industry in Asia and putting the client first.

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I enjoy using my experience and linguistic skills to work on behalf of clients from all over the globe.

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I bring new people into the Infinity family

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