Do you have any ‘dog’ funds in your portfolio?

User Written by Carl Turner on March 28, 2017.

Do you have any ‘dog’ funds in your portfolio?

Do you have any ‘dog’ funds hiding in your current portfolio? Did you know that there is a definitive guide that names and shames those UK funds that have consistently and significantly underperformed? And the good news is that you can download the latest version of it here.

The guide is produced by Infinity’s exclusive investment management partner, Tilney Bestinvest (TBI). It doesn’t make them popular with fund managers but when you are responsible for £26.5 billion of invested capital, popularity is not a priority. What is important is knowing which funds are consistently failing to meet their benchmarks so that you can prevent the hard-earned savings of ordinary investors just like you from stagnating in funds with performance records that are, frankly, lamentable.

The Spot the Dog guide will tell you:

• Exactly how TBI identify the dogs
• Why investment performance matters
• The worst of the worst funds
• Pedigree picks which make better investment alternatives

If you find you are invested in funds that are in the doghouse, there’s no need to panic. You can take corrective action to get your financial planning back on track and here’s how:

• Reassess your risk profile to see what your overall portfolio should look like. If you would like your risk profile assessed simply complete our risk profile here and email it back to me at

• Assess whether you should remove any ‘dog’ funds, cease future contributions into these or replace with a suitable alternative fund, depending on your risk profile

• Make sure you review your investments at least every quarter or, better still, have a professional wealth management company manage your assets

Safeguarding your future financial security has never been more important so don’t let poor investments put that at risk and do something about them today!

Carl Turner

Carl Turner

Posted on March 28, 2017 in Investments.