Does your company offer you the ability to help US expats with their investment solutions?

User Written by Vanessa Vrdoljak on July 12, 2017.

Does your company offer you the ability to help US expats with their investment solutions?

Are you missing out on over 9 million clients?

Navigating the world of investments for Americans abroad has never been easy with their tax filing/reporting and this has left many Financial Consultants in a position where they are unable to help the 9 million or so US nationals living overseas.

Since FATCA was introduced, it has made it difficult for investment houses, banks and online trading sites to be compliant to the point where many have decided not to deal with Americans living abroad anymore. This has left many US expats whose banks have terminated their accounts just for being American.

Luckily, Infinity offers our consultants the ability to help US nationals with a dedicated SEC approved, tax complaint service for US individuals, trust and companies. Infinity and our partnered investment manager, Tilney, have developed an investment strategy specifically for US expats. By using a US based custodian with non-PFIC (Passive Foreign Income Company) investments, it’s now possible and 100% legal to help our clients invest their savings, put money away for their retirement, and transfer all frozen IRA’s so that they can begin contributing and growing their nest eggs all whilst living abroad. Tax reporting is IRS compliant as it follows the same regulations as if they were still residing in the US, and the charges are on par with financial institutions back in the USA.

Through this service, our consultants can help their US clients, including those with frozen IRA’s and pensions to roll over their funds, unfreeze them, and start re-contributing their money just like they did before when they were still living in the States. This is possible with both Traditional and Roth IRA’s, and 401(k)s.

But it’s not all about investments. US nationals living abroad still need assistance with medical insurance, life insurance, offshore bank accounts and other financial services.

If you are looking for a positive change and would like to work with a company that offers you access to a growing client base of the 9 million US nationals living overseas, contact me to see if there is a great career move waiting for you.