Why working abroad could be the best career move you ever make

User Written by Trevor Keidan on June 06, 2018.

Why working abroad could be the best career move you ever make

I have worked in Asia for many years and know a thing or two about what makes a great candidate for a job. One thing that always jumps out at me from a CV is if a candidate has spent time working abroad. And experience of working overseas is not just great for employers, but also fantastic for individuals in terms of their personal development.

Here are 10 benefits which prove that working abroad could be the best career move you ever make:

1. Better communication skills

Being able to communicate clearly is a key skill for almost any job and is a must-have for every single person that I recruit. Living abroad and dealing with colleagues and clients of different nationalities is a great way to broaden your interpersonal and communication skills and anyone who has done this will immediately catch my eye when shortlisting candidates.

2. A global mindset

We are an international firm looking for employees who can think on a global scale. Individuals who have lived abroad have already demonstrated that they are open-minded and adaptable and keen to broaden their horizons and take on new challenges. These are qualities which we like all members of our team to have.

3. A network of contacts around the world

As the world becomes globalised and increasingly connected building international relationships within your chosen field becomes a bigger and bigger advantage and can only benefit you as you advance along your career path. A candidate who can demonstrate a strong network of contacts will always gain brownie points when being considered for a role.

4. Professional development

Developing your career is not just about gaining qualifications. On the job training and experiencing different work environments in different countries will undoubtedly expand your horizons and help you gain new areas of expertise which will stand you in good stead throughout your career and will look great to prospective employers.

5. You demonstrate that you can rise to a challenge

Not everyone is cut out for a life abroad. Moving country requires high levels of independence, maturity and adaptability and demonstrates that you are a motivated person who can take the initiative and step out of your comfort zone. All those are plus points for me as a recruiter looking to find candidates who will tackle new challenges without fear.

6. More money in your pocket

Many overseas jurisdictions offer fantastic tax benefits which could give you much more disposable income than back home. If you are one of the lucky ones who is on a generous expat package you could also benefit from numerous perks including health insurance, paid accommodation, school fees and even a relocation budget.

7. Cultural insights

Living and working in a completely different culture and learning how to interact with its people gives you a unique insight which cannot be gained from books and TV alone. Increased cultural awareness can only be a good thing in a work context, giving you the skills to interact successfully within other business cultures. It’s also a great way to broaden your personal horizons in terms of popular culture with access to different books, art, films and music.

8. The opportunity to travel

Our financial advisers are always jetting off for weekends in paradisical locations throughout Asia. Living abroad gives you a whole new playground on your doorstep to explore and discover.

9. Opportunities for personal growth

Anyone who has the opportunity to live abroad is able to dip into two completely different sets of perspectives and values – those of their homeland and their adopted country. This can only be enriching on a personal level in terms of being able to understand and respect the points of views of others. Overcoming the difficulties – both logistical and mental – of integrating into a new country is a challenge and one which can bring about profound and beneficial changes to attitudes and behaviours.

10. Better prospects for the future

No-one can deny that the current job market is extremely competitive. Employers have many candidates to choose from and can afford to be selective about who they take on. The wider the range of skills and experiences that you can demonstrate, the better your job prospects and living and working abroad definitely makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you think a job abroad could be a canny next step in your career and you are interested in the financial sector, we have exciting opportunities in Asia for motivated and dynamic professionals with a passion for success. Why not contact us at recruitment@infinitysolutions.com to find out more?