What to expect from your financial planner

User Written by Trevor Keidan on March 30, 2015.

What to expect from your financial planner

Financial Planners, often derided and often rightly so, can be invaluable in helping you to secure your financial future. So how do you decide whether your (potential) financial advisor is worth his weight in gold or simply worth avoiding?

Here’s some things that you should be thinking about when deciding to appoint an adviser:

What should a financial planner be?

Professional, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable are all pre-requisites for a good financial adviser. He or she should also have the ability to make boring and complicated ideas simple and easy to understand.

How should a financial planner work?

Financial planning is a consultative journey of discovery with a prospective client, not a dictatorial sales pitch. A good financial planner will provide clarity in terms of future goals and objectives, highlight risks to the client and provide solutions to mitigate them.

Why should you use a financial planner?

Having a third party to help you set your financial goals and strategy helps to take the emotional influences out of the way and ensures that you plan with clarity and focus. The process should always be client-centric revolving around each individual client and his or her family and their unique requirements.

Six things a good financial planner should always do:

• Be open and transparent
• Deliver clear and concise advice in a timely and professional manner
• Look after both your long-term and your shorter-term planning needs
• Focus on the threats and risks of your investments
• Provide regular reviews to ensure your goals are on track and to update and amend plans in line with changing circumstances
• Be available to meet and to answer any questions you have

Three things a financial planner should never do:

• Try and pretend they are an investment guru
• Sell you anything and everything!
• Recommend unproven investments that are not liquid and without a proven track record

Here at Infinity we select our financial planners with the utmost care to ensure that they are providing a first-class service. They will always work according to our strict standards to offer out clients the peace of mind of knowing that when it comes to their finances, they are in highly competent hands.

Trevor Keidan

Trevor Keidan

Posted on March 30, 2015 in Financial Planning.