Life Insurance: Don’t leave home without it!

User Written by Joseph Regan on March 07, 2016.

Life Insurance: Don’t leave home without it!

A friend recently told me the tragic tale of a father retrieving a ball from a tree for his kids. He lost his footing, fell off a branch, hit his head on the ground, and died instantly. The world can certainly be unforgiving at times, and nobody can predict our fate that lies around each corner.

While we can’t protect ourselves against desperately unfortunate events, we can secure our families’ financial futures through adequate life insurance.

Life insurance is a key foundation of any financial plan, as it protects your family’s wealth in the event of the “worst case scenario.” Basically, you pay an on going premium for X amount of years. If you were to die during this term, your family would receive a lump sum payment to ensure they continue living a comfortable life (i.e. your kids can still attend a good university and your spouse still has enough money to live, eat and pay the mortgage off).

For example: If I pay 100 USD per year (the premium) for life insurance and died tomorrow, my beneficiaries would get 250,000 USD (the sum assured) to finance their future. The higher/lower the sum assured, the more expensive/cheaper the premium is. People who are married with (or even without) children, individuals with dependants (such as an older parent who needs your financial support), and someone with debt (debts are inheritable!), are always in need of life insurance.

You can purchase life insurance from a host of insurance companies in Asia, and many people believe they can save money by going down that route. In actual fact, the reverse is true and you will get a better deal by purchasing through an independent professional financial adviser.

Advisers, such as myself, who are not tied to one company, can shop around for the best coverage for your individual requirements. You will have a far greater choice of policy in terms of both cover and price, and I can help you work out exactly what a suitable sum assured should be – something that can be extremely complicated and important.

I have a wealth of experience in matching my clients’ needs to the right product and work with all the leading global names in the industry. I not only research the products, but also set up your policy and assist in dealing with all the annoying paperwork.

Tailor-made solutions for your life insurance requirements at discounted premiums – what’s not to like? Why not get in touch today?

Joseph Regan

Joseph Regan

Posted on March 07, 2016 in Insurance.