Are you losing in the race for investment growth? Perhaps it’s time to switch driver…

User Written by Carl Turner on March 07, 2017.

Are you losing in the race for investment growth? Perhaps it’s time to switch driver…

If there is one thing that you want from a regular savings plan it is growth. When the funds that you are putting aside each month to pay for your retirement, finance your child’s university education or save for a deposit on a house are not growing then you are obviously going to be concerned, and probably angry too, but who is at fault?

It’s easy to lay the blame with the product provider of the investment vehicle used but is that fair? Is poor performance down to the vehicle or the person in the driving seat?

Take the example of a Porsche 918 and a Peugeot 206 – which would win in a race? You’d say the Porsche right? But what if Lewis Hamilton was driving the Peugeot and I was in the Porsche? I’d put my money on Hamilton and I bet you would too.

It would be wrong to say that the vehicle has no importance at all – me in a Porsche would probably beat you in a Peugeot, for instance – but the driver is by far the most influential factor in the outcome of the race. It’s the same for your underperforming investments - the biggest factor influencing returns is the person managing them and the choices that they make.

There are some questions you should ask if your portfolio is underperforming:

• Is my portfolio actively managed and rebalanced on a daily basis according to market changes?

• Does my regular savings plan contain a sufficiently diversified basket of funds?

• Are all the different asset classes including bonds, equities, hedge, commodities, property and currency represented?

• Are my investments spread across different geographical regions?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then it’s time to change who is in the driving seat for your investments.

Here at Infinity, we have an exclusive partnership in Asia with the award-winning Tilney Group, the UK’s largest investment manager, responsible for the assets of over 100,000 people totalling over £20bn. Active management and diversification are cornerstones of their investment strategy. The Tilney Group’s fund managers are highly qualified and experienced – the Lewis Hamiltons of the industry if you will.

If that’s the kind of person you’d like at the wheel of your investments, why not contact me at to discuss Tilney’s range of award-winning, actively managed and highly diversified funds and how they can turn your poor performance into a race-winning one?

Carl Turner

Carl Turner

Posted on March 07, 2017 in Investments.