What are your work perks?

User Written by Trevor Keidan on February 01, 2018.

 What are your work perks?

Are you one of those people who is hit by serious post-Christmas blues when you return to work after the festive season? I’m not! As soon as a new year dawns I start looking forward to the second week of January and Infinity’s annual conference.

I’ve been to some awful business conferences in my time so I can understand if your experiences of such events evoke faceless corporate hotels in uninspiring towns, rows of bored faces listening to deathly dull speakers drone on and having to make conversation with Ian from sales over a limp sandwich and a cup of insipid coffee! But here at Infinity we like to do things a bit differently.

For one thing, there’s nothing boring or faceless about the venues we visit. Last year we all went to Hua Hin in Thailand and this year’s conference was held at the Hard Rock Hotel in stunning Penang. And when I say we, I mean the whole company, including the consultants from our six offices throughout Asia as well as the administration team which supports them tirelessly throughout the year.

Of course there’s some hard work involved. The conference gives us the perfect opportunity to develop our knowledge, both individually and as a company, via intensive sessions with our business partners, sponsors and facilitators. We share ideas and exchange the experiences we have had over the last year in order to learn from them and grow.

But we also know what they say about all work and no play, so plenty of valuable downtime is included in the itinerary to give everyone the perfect opportunity to connect with colleagues from the different offices in a more relaxed environment.

This year’s fun events included a mid-week BBQ and pool party, a street art tour around George Town, parts of which appear to be frozen in time with British colonial architecture, and my personal highlights - the dunk tank and sumo wrestling events. I don’t know of any other company in which the Managing Director (spoiler alert: that's me!) and Finance Director have battled it out in front of the entire workforce in sumo suits…and then sat in a dunk tank while employees lined up to take a shot at us!

Of course, no company conference is complete without a gala dinner and ours is another of the week’s highlights. We all ate, drank and made merry as awards were given out to the company’s most high-achieving employees over the last year, and then partied on into the early hours in the Hard Rock Café.

Exciting venues are already being considered for Infinity’s 2019 conference and I for one can’t wait. If you fancy being a part of it, we are constantly on the look out for new team members. You can find out more about the opportunities available across Asia in our dynamic company by e-mailing us at recruitment@infinitysolutions.com to arrange an introductory call.

Trevor Keidan

Trevor Keidan

Posted on February 01, 2018 in Training and Development.